What evidence is there that eating certain foods can reduce angiogenesis in cancer?

So, along those lines, would we recommend for people who might have risk factors for a cancer, pursuing any treatments of prophylactically or simply pursuing the right diet with lots of tomato sauce? Well, we know, there’s abundant epidemiological evidence. A prophylactic is a medication, or a treatment designed and used to prevent a disease from occurring. And I think in the information age, it doesn’t take long to go to a credible source like PubMed, the National Library medicine, to look for epidemiological studies, for cancer risk reduction based on diet and based on common medications. And that’s certainly something that anybody can look into. Epidemiology is the of the frequency and cause of health-related events in specified populations. Remember health is much more dependent on our health and nutrition than on medicine.(foods can reduce angiogenesis in cancer)

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