• From Initial Evaluation to Cure

What We Do

What We Do

Advancing the Highest Expression of Health
We Lead

We set the gold rule for education, training, and clinical practice in Functional Medicine globally.

We Innovate

We speed up the application of emerging research in clinical practice to enhance patient outcomes.

We Inspire

We motivate practitioners to rediscover their passion for medicine and patients to select active ownership of their health.

What We Do

ICRM understands health and vitality are fundamental to the human spirit. We struggle to advance the highest expression of individual health by promoting Functional Medicine as the standard of care. To achieve this objective, we primarily focus our work in these five areas:

  1. Education. We train Functional Medicine clinicians to operate as change agents in modifying the epidemic of chronic disease. LEARN MORE
  2. Access. We help the broadest integration of Functional Medicine into the global healthcare system. LEARN MORE
  3. Economics. We assure that the practice of Functional Medicine is economically workable for providers, patients, and payers. LEARN MORE
  4. Collaboration & Development. We design and support key alliances that advance ICRM’s mission to perform Functional Medicine under the standard of care. LEARN MORE
  5. Research. We organize and facilitate clinical research that holds the Functional Medicine model. LEARN MORE
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Leaders in Clinical Practice, Education, and Research

ICRM’s educational programs led by a varied set of educators with areas of proficiency that include the microbiome, genomic medicine, clinical nutrition, and lifestyle diversity. Brought from the leaders in the spheres of clinical practice, education, and research, each educator has years of experience performing Functional Medicine.

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