Is there any evidence that certain foods can reduce angiogenesis in cancer?

The best example I know of is a study of about eighty thousand men followed over twenty years in which it was found that men who consumed cooked tomatoes two to three times a week add up to a 50 percent decrease in their risk of developing prostate cancer. Now, we know that tomatoes are a good source of lycopene and lycopene is anti-androgenic. Anti-androgenic is a substance that tends to inhibit the production, activity, or effects of a male sex hormone. But what’s even more interesting from this study is that those men who did develop prostate cancer, those who ate more servings of tomato sauce, actually had fewer blood vessels feeding their cancer. This human study is a prime example of how antiangiogenic substances present in food and consumed at practical levels can impact on cancer.(foods can reduce angiogenesis)

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