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How to Reduce Your Intake of Ultra-Processed Carbs and Sweets and Eat More Plants?

How to Reduce Your Intake of Ultra-Processed Carbs and Sweets and Eat More Plants? A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association reveals what you eat is most important for weight loss . The pounds will come off more quickly if you improve the quality of the foods you ingest. One of the healthiest ways to shed weight is to reduce your intake of sugar and rapidly metabolized carbohydrates. In particular, you want to cut out or drastically curtail your intake of high-glycemic-load foods, such as sugary snacks, processed carbs and soft drinks. When you avoid or cut back on

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What are Physical Symptoms of Sexual Dysfunction?

Some cancers and their treatments are associated with specific symptoms of sexual dysfunction. The following symptoms do not affect all survivors but are considered relatively common. Many of these symptoms will go away over time. Breast Cancer Breast cancer patients who had a mastectomy (removal of one or both breasts) may experience loss of sensation, fatigue, and symptoms related to reconstructive surgery (such as feeling discomfort while getting used to implants.) Patients who undergo a lumpectomy may experience decreased sensation in their breasts and nipples, and lymphedema. Patients who receive chemotherapy, radiation, or hormone therapy may experience menopausal symptoms (decreased

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Psilocybin Side Effects, Risks and What To Know Before Use?

Psilocybin is not recommended for individuals with (or who are at risk for) psychotic disorders, such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, as psilocybin may be damaging or exacerbating, and may interact with certain medications or patients with cardiovascular issues, because psilocybin can increase blood pressure and heart rate (a preliminary evaluation by the practitioner can help determine if you’re a candidate). Hallucinations are common for a psilocybin session or “trip/journey” and while they may be eye-opening and welcome to a participant, they can also be frightening or disturbing. These frightening hallucinations are also known as a bad trip, in which

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How is leukocytosis treated?

Treatment for leukocytosis varies depending on what caused the condition in the first place. For example, if you have a high white blood cell count due to a bacterial infection, then your healthcare provider will prescribe antibiotics. If leukocytosis is associated with an allergic reaction, then you’ll probably need antihistamines. Other common high white blood cell count treatments include: Medications to reduce stress or anxiety, Anti-inflammatory medications, Inhalers to treat asthma and IV fluids to improve blood flow. Leukapheresis, a procedure to quickly reduce the number of white blood cells in your blood. Cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy or stem cell transplants. In some cases,

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What is considered a high white blood cell count?

Typically, if there are more than 11,000 white blood cells in a microliter of your blood, it’s considered leukocytosis.High white blood cell count during pregnancy. A high blood cell count during pregnancy is normal. Your body is simply experiencing the stress of carrying a baby. Your healthcare provider will run routine blood tests throughout your pregnancy to make sure nothing out of the ordinary is going on. Is leukocytosis a blood cancer? No. Leukocytosis refers to a high white blood cell count, which can occur for a number of reasons. Rarely, a high white blood cell count can be a symptom of

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Is Psilocybin Safe for Use During Therapy?

Researchers say psilocybin is one of the safest psychedelic drugs thanks to its low toxicity, low abuse potential, lack of long-term adverse effects, seemingly no physical dependence potential and rarity of overdose. Without FDA approval or regulation, there are no widespread dosage recommendations for psilocybin, but it is often taken in 10 to 50 milligrams. Medical dosage tends to take the individual’s weight into account. Per recent and ongoing studies on psilocybin and mental health, psilocybin is safest when taken under the supervision of licensed health care professionals. The role of a therapist is very important to ensure safe experience

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