Meet Our Doctors
A Letter From Nicolas Batty, MD, FACP, FASCP

My name is Dr. Nicolas Batty. I’ve been working in medicine for over 20 years. I’m probably best recognized for my work as a medical oncologist and hematologist… but today my focus is on something somewhat different :

Instructing people how to avoid surgery by using my unique vision of human nutrition.

My mission is to raise your health before, during and after contact with cancer, happiness, and longevity by simple modifications to your conventional medicine to your diet, natural supplements and to your lifestyle.

I am the CEO and the Founder of The Medical Clinic (ICRM) Manhattan NY. Every day at this office, I encourage patients learn how to take control of their health, heart, mind, body, spirit and energy by employing our most holistic approach to fitness and simple diet advice.

In just a moment, I’ll teach you how to get full access to my opinion without having to wait a year for an appointment. But first, I’d like to quickly tell you the STORY of how I passed from being a top medical oncologist to being a cancer researcher, healer and author focused people’s fitness and health. My choice was driven largely by values instilled in me over 20 years of soothing suffering patients overcoming their feuds against by faith and their families and friends.

Education, Experience, & Background
As recipient of the prestigious Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, I had my medical degree M.D. in Lebanon and then I trained in internal medicine at Mount Sinai School of Medicine then with fellowships in clinical Leukemia and pathology/transfusion medicine and blood banking at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center at Houston, Texas (#1 U.S. world News and World Report). Later, I finished my fellowships in medical oncology and hematology at Roswell Park Cancer Center (America’s first dedicated cancer center (founded 1898) at the State University of New York at Buffalo, NY. 
Being a part of a profession concentrated on helping others regardless of circumstance, focused on facilitating people leading healthier and therefore happier lives… I can’t imagine a more fulfilling job.
My curiosity to genuinely understand people’s strength lead me to be involved heavily in patient care, scientific trials in top cancer centers in the world and in the most prominent pharmaceutical companies over 15 years developing cancer treatment that became remedies approved in the US, Europe, Asia and Worldwide. I am proud to be an American board certified in Medical Oncology, Hematology, Internal Medicine and Pathology/Transfusion Medicine/ Blood Banking with two master’s degrees at Kelley School of Business Indiana University (#1 U.S. World News & Report Kelley School of Business).
In my first year as pre-med, I took a course in botanical studies. Few days later, I found myself out in the woods exploring plants that they taught us in that class. It was very early that I discovered my passion and curiosity to discover methods that could help people to improve their well-being. This is where my love of scientific research was born, and I ended up writing more papers than any other previous student and resident. Throughout my career, I combined my love of research with my intimate knowledge of cancer medicine… and ended up creating some important milestones in the field of cancer medicine.
I was one of a rare hybrid of clinician-scientists with unique experiences of clinical practice, clinical trials, biopharma research and development who has contributed to the development of several traditional types of chemotherapy, cancer treatment with a definite target and immunotherapy in several solid and blood cancers. These unique proficiencies allow me to offer limited comprehensive services to people to prevent cancer, winning their battles of cancer and allowing them to recover their health and fitness after cancer treatment.
Medicine, for me, has always been a calling and a privilege. Witnessing that western medicine is helpful but still limited, there is a need to integrate evidence-based eastern medicine path to health.