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What is Vitamin O? Does it work against cancer?

Vitamin O is a dietary supplement that is marketed on the Internet. Vitamin O does not treat or cure cancer. Supporters claim that it contains a high concentration of oxygen molecules of about 30,000 parts per million dissolved in distilled water. This is unlikely because the maximum solubility of oxygen in water at room temperature is only 7500 parts per million. The anticancer activity of vitamin O is based on the theory that cancer cells grow in an oxygen-poor environment. While supplemental respiratory oxygen is thought to have anticancer activities by enhancing immune function cells, none of the claims on oral vitamin O supplement are supported by laboratory or clinical evidence. Email us at info@icrmc.org and check out our home website www.icrmc.org at the Institute of Cancer Restorative Medicine to tell us about any dietary supplements you’re taking, such as herbs, vitamins, minerals, and natural or home remedies. We will be available to help you out. Remember to visualize you are healthy then work for it. Remember when you feel like quitting think about why you started.

Vitamin O
Vitamin O


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