What is Scutellaria barbata? Does it help against cancer?

Scutellaria Barbatais an herb found in Korea and southern China that has been studied for its anti-cancer properties. It is used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat tumors. Laboratory studies have shown S. Barbata can limit the growth of cancer cells. S. Barbata may benefit patients with advanced breast cancer. Test tube studies suggest that S. Barbata has antimutagenic and anticancer properties. Mutagenic means that something that can cause genetic mutation in some chemicals. A number of constituents including flavonoids are thought to be responsible for these activities. Email us at info@icrmc.org and check out the home website www.icrmc.org at the Institute of Cancer Restorative Medicine to tell us about any dietary supplements you’re taking, such as herbs, vitamins, minerals, and natural or home remedies. We will be available to help you out. 

Ban Zhi Lian
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