What is Turmeric, and how does it prevent cancer?

Turmeric is a plant prevalent in South Asia. Turmeric extracts are marketed as dietary supplements for cancer prevention. Talk with your healthcare providers about using turmeric and foods that contain turmeric if you’re getting chemotherapy. Because In lab experiments, turmeric stopped some chemotherapy medications from working against breast cancer cells.  In colorectal cancer patients, Turmeric improved wasting of the body due to cancer. Interestingly, a curcumin mouthwash was used to delay the onset of radiation-induced oral inflammation. In addition, curcumin, combined with omega-3 fatty acids, may help reduce inflammation in women with early breast cancer patients.  Email us at info@icrmc.org and check out our home website www.icrmc.org at the Institute of Cancer Restorative Medicine. Remember to say more; ‘I WILL’ and less. ‘I’LL TRY’.

turmeric powder and roots, Asian origin plant containing curcumin has very powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties

Turmeric is a plant now cultivated in tropical areas around the world. Studies done on breast cancer show that curcumin may inhibit chemotherapy-induced apoptosis which means when the cancer cell dies. While curcumin induces cancer cell death in human colon cancer. Turmeric may be chemopreventive through activating the vitamin D receptor, thus protecting the small intestine and colon. Chemopreventive means that an agent delays the development of cancer or prevents cancer from coming back. If you have breast cancer, be careful about taking Turmeric because it inhibits breast cancer cell death.  Clinical relevance is not known. Email us at info@icrmc.org and check out our home website www.icrmc.org at the Institute of Cancer Restorative Medicine to tell us about any dietary supplements you’re taking, such as herbs, vitamins, minerals, and natural or home remedies. We will be available to help you out. Remember today is the chance to change yourself for the better.

Tumeric Powder
Tumeric powder ( curcumin, curcuma longa Linn) in wooden bowl and spoon with root and bottle of turmeric essential oil extracted isolated on old wood table background. Overhead view. Flat lay.
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