What diet can prevent cancer?

It is true that what you eat can affect the way you feel. Now, what is not true is necessarily that eating a particular diet or eating a particular food is going to cure you of cancer or prevent you from getting cancer. We know your risks of getting cancer are lower if you eat a healthy diet, which includes fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, whole grains and not too much red meat. But we don’t have any evidence that even taking a multivitamin every day or taking a particular supplement is going to prolong your life or necessarily prevent you from getting cancer. Diet is important because our gastrointestinal tract really does respond to the kinds of foods that we present it with, and if you consider that 70 percent of your immune cells are in the wall of your gut, you might really pay attention to what you’re putting into your system. but you want to eat an abundance of fruits and vegetables because these are the sources of highly protective phyto nutrients that strongly enhance our body defenses against cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases.

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