How to reach The Medical Clinic?

The Referring Provider Team was established to provide a better level of customer service and continuous follow-up on our referring physicians’ patient referrals. Staffed by trained health information specialists, the Referring Provider Team is equipped to support calls, emails or text messages from patient or physician directly to our clinic. +1 646 647 9163 info@icrmc.org www.icrmc.org @icrmc_org Subscribe to our YouTube.com channel @TheMedicalClinic 393 West 49th st TH 1E New York, 10019.

We can assist physicians with the following: New and established patient scheduling, Patient appointment updates, Follow up when your patient is scheduled and arrives. Email us at info@icrmc.org and check out our home website and dial +1 646 647 9163. We will be available to help you out. Remember to hustle for that muscle.

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For more info, contact us at our brand new NY Hell’s Kitchen clinic at +1 646 647 9163 (dial or text).

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