Does MGN-3 help against cancer?

MGN-3 is a branded product derived from rice bran treated with extracts from three mushrooms: shiitake , kawaratake , and suehirotake . MGN-3 has not been shown to prevent cancer or any other medical condition. The manufacturer claims that it stimulates several aspects of the immune system, Laboratory studies show that MGN-3 can cause cell death in some cancer cells and to increase their sensitivity to some type of chemotherapy. Few short studies showed that it decreases the side effects of standard therapies in liver cancer patients. Studies not done with humans suggest that MGN-3 might protect against weight loss induced by cisplatin and radiation. Other test tube experiment models suggest it may increase the effect of chemo or radiation therapy as well show immunomodulatory function which means that It can affect the function of the immune system. Preliminary studies suggest possible MGN-3 in combination with curcumin for patients with early-stage blood cancers. MGN-3 showed synergy with paclitaxel by increasing cell cancer death.

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