Do Metabolic Therapies help against cancer?

Metabolic therapies do not treat or cure cancer. However, most people who promote metabolic therapies stress the environmental component, claiming that cancer is caused by an accumulation of toxins from sources such as food additives, preservatives, pesticides, and industrial pollution. There is no data to show that toxins can be removed to change the course of cancer.  Evidence is lacking to support this claim. Most metabolic therapies have not been evaluated by clinical trials and the American Cancer Society urges cancer patients not to seek treatment with potentially hazardous metabolic/nutritional therapies. In addition, cancer patients run the risk of abandoning effective conventional therapies when they choose to pursue alternative therapies. Strict dietary and detoxification regimens promote prevention and treatment of cancer based on the theory that these conditions are caused by an accumulation of toxic substances in the body. Therapies such as Gerson, Kelley, Contreras, Manner, and Gonzalez share the same idea but different ways. Although dietary remedies provide a strong sense of personal control, the strict recommendations of some metabolic therapies can cause nutritional deficiencies, which are often used in metabolic therapies compared with patients who chose standard gemcitabine-based chemotherapy. cancer showed a decrease in overall survival and poorer quality of life with proteolytic enzymes which break down the protein into amino acids, often used to supplement a metabolic therapy diet, compared with standard gemcitabine-based chemotherapy.

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