What does an elevated PSA level mean if I’ve had prostate cancer in the past?

If you’ve ever had treatment for prostate cancer, you’ll have regular PSA screenings for the rest of your life. An increasing PSA level may mean the cancer has returned. Your care team may use other tests, including imaging scans and biopsies, to check for signs of cancer. If cancer returns, your team will discuss your treatment options with you. How can you best take care of yourselff if I have elevated PSA? Regularly visit your healthcare provider for PSA tests and digital rectal exams. If you notice any change in how you feel or function, especially problems with urination, talk to your provider. If I have elevated PSA levels, what should I ask my healthcare provider? If you have any symptoms of prostate cancer, or if it runs in your family, ask your provider: Should I have regular tests to check my PSA level? What can I do to lower my risk for prostate cancer? What other tests or monitoring do I need? What are my treatment options if I get prostate cancer? What other signs or symptoms should I look out for?

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