Does Amygdalin help against cancer?

Amygdalin is a substance found in the pits of some fruits, such as apricots. Amygdalin has not been shown to treat or prevent cancer. It is associated with serious side effects and it is used as an alternative cancer therapy. Promoters claimed that the cyanide released from amygdalin selectively killed cancer cells, leaving normal tissue cells unharmed. In a clinical study, cancer patients using amygdalin did not have any benefits, but some showed cyanide toxicity. However, cancer patients should not use this product in the current form until more is known about its safety and effectiveness. Email us at info@icrmc.org and check out our home website www.icrmc.org to tell us about any dietary supplements you’re taking, such as herbs, vitamins, minerals, and natural or home remedies. We will be available to help you. Remember that healthy is a way of living.

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