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ICRM History

ICRM History
Putting Our Cancer Restorative Medicine Vision Into Action
Medical Examination With Mri Magnetic Resonance Imaging Machine In Clinic

The Institute for Cancer Restorative Medicine (ICRM) built out of the vision that they restrict conventional medicine to provide optimal cancer prevention, cancer fighting, and recovery after cure of cancer. ICRM identifies the unmet demands of cancer patients to achieve conventional oncology with natural medicines to reach patients’ goals. When the why is clear; the how is easy. ICRM transforms the spirit of healing cancer into action. CRM is a form of integrative medical oncology that is not restricted to cancer patients but also to healthy individuals and their love ones who would like to put their goals into a plan so that preventing and recovering from cancer does not remain just a wish. Over the past 20 years, the prescience of this vision has become gradually obvious. While many of the current conventional medical oncology tools were not yet available. The result of CRM is a dynamic, revolutionary and a whole person appeal to health rather than an organ-based treatment. ICRM is more affected than ever to help clinicians and cancer patients and healthy individuals alike develop the nutritional, environmental, social, and lifestyle approaches to prevent and to fight cancer.