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What women cancers are related to HPV?

Regarding HPV and cervical cancer, almost all cervical cancers are caused by HPV. Because no vaccine prevents all types of HPV that can cause cervical cancer, vaccinated women age 21 to 29 should get cervical cancer screening (Pap tests) every three years. Beginning at age 30 and through age 64, women should get a Pap test and HPV test every five years. The HPV test checks your cervix for the virus, which can cause abnormal cells that lead to cervical cancer. If the test is positive, you may need more frequent screening for cervical cancer. Regarding HPV and throat cancer, Throat cancer is the most common HPV-related cancer in men. Throat cancer is also referred to as oropharyngeal cancer. It forms in the tonsils and around the base of the tongue. Women can also get this type of cancer from HPV infection. About 75% of throat cancers are the result of HPV infections. There is no screening exam for throat cancer.

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