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What are the cancers related to Viral hepatitis C?

Hepatitis C is spread through infected blood. There is no vaccine against hepatitis C, but some people should be screened. Who should be screened for hepatitis C? All adults ages 18-79 should be screened for hepatitis C at least once in their lifetime. People in the following groups are at increased risk for infection: Baby boomers – people born between 1945 and 1965. People who received blood transfusions or organ transplants before 1992. Dialysis patients. Health care or public safety workers who may have contact with human blood or body fluids. Intravenous drug users who share needles, even one time or in the remote past Those who have unprotected sex with an infected partner Persons with HIV infection: Those who have household contact with someone who is infected, if you share personal items such as toothbrushes or razors. People with undetected liver problems. The treatment success rate for hepatitis C is about 90%. There are several oral antiviral drugs available to treat the disease, including new treatments that appear to be more effective and have fewer side effects than previous options.

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