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Does Magnesium help against cancer?

Does Magnesium help against cancer?

Magnesium plays many essential roles in the human body. There are many benefits to adequate intake of dietary magnesium. However, supplementation may increase the risk of interactions with many drugs. Adequate intake can help prevent chronic ailments such as heart disease and diabetes, but its potential role in cancer prevention is unclear. Studies on whether magnesium intake reduces cancer risk are mixed. However adequate magnesium intake, especially through diet when possible, is important. It was suggested to be used to prevent fatigue, however, there are no studies of oral magnesium supplements for chronic fatigue. Magnesium reduces fatigue in breast cancer patients with menopausal hot flashes as shown in a small study. Both dietary and supplemental forms have been studied widely for their potential role to reduce risk of chronic ailments like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Among colorectal cancer patients, adequate magnesium intake through diet and/or supplements along with vitamin D status was associated with lower mortality risk but not in pancreatic cancer risk, cellular metabolism, and maintaining genetic stability.

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